Let’s get started – meetings for 2013-14

Rebecca and I are excited to start our new year of Brownies. My apologies for the packed email, but we have lots to share. We are planning to have both 3rd grade troops meet together, and we will share the meeting planning, badge activity coordination, etc. We will meet every other Friday in the art room at MBS, right after school, starting October 25.

We have a few questions for you to respond to. Please send your responses as soon as possible, so that we can prepare for the first meeting:

Will your daughter be participating in Girl Scouts this year?
If yes:
Who is your child’s classroom teacher?
Does your child have any food or other allergies?
Does your child attend ACE at MBS on Fridays?


Registration is online only. Please register your daughter here by Monday October 21*: https://gsusa.ebiz.uapps.net/VP/Default.aspx?pid=54.

*The only exception to this is for new girls who have not been in scouting before. They are welcome to come try a meeting and decide if they’d like to register after. If continuing, registration is required prior to the 2nd meeting on November 8.

Parent registrations: Certain events offer parental participation, however this typically requires the parent also be registered with the Girl Scouts. Please register yourself if you plan to sign up for events with your child.


First Meeting Date:  Friday, October 25 [It has been brought to our attention that there is an ACE field trip this day as well. If any girl misses Brownies for the field trip, not to worry, we can get her caught up at the following meeting.]

Time:  3-5pm [parent sign-out required at pick-up]

Location:  MBS Art Room

  • We will meet every other Friday in the art room at MBS, right after school.
  • The list of dates will be provided to all who register, as we do adjust after the new year, so that meeting dates don’t land on school vacation weeks.
  • We will provide a snack at the start of each meeting.
  • At the end of the meeting, we will need a parent (or other authorized pick-up adult) to come to the art room to sign out each girl, unless they are an ACE participant at MBS. We will walk those girls back to ACE.


·         If your daughter wishes to wear her Brownie uniform, feel free to send it in a plastic bag in her backpack. We will have time at the beginning of the meeting to get these out.

·         For new girls, we will send information on the uniform components, all of which are optional to purchase online or at the Girl Scout store in Williston.


We will NOT collect any dues this year. We decided that with the kids coming straight from school to our meetings, that we would not want them bringing money in with them.

Communication and other info

·         We are looking at blogging tools to see if we can create something that is easier to reference than email.

·         Please feel free to sign your child up for any events in the program guide http://gsusa.ebiz.uapps.net/vp/FamilyManagement/Activities/ActivityLanding.aspx if you find something you’d like to participate in.

·         These do not typically require whole-troop participation, and any registered Girl Scouts can sign up. We will be doing some troop events as well, and will communicate the details as they become available.

·         We have planned to work on some fun journey badges and other initiatives this year.

Throwback photo – 2nd year Daisy Scouts meet Miss Vermont! What a blast trying on the crown!Image

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